Who we are?

   We are Bridge Trading and Service. We named us “Bridge Trading and Service” to be a reliable bridge between our partners suppliers and valuable buyers customers. We promise that “we excel to bridge the gap!” between our partners suppliers and buyers customers.

Bridge Trading and Service has been founded by young Ethiopian Entrepreneur with the aim of bridging the gap between importers (buyers) and suppliers (sellers). The founder Mr. AlmawBirhane has awarded his Bachelor of art Degree in the field of Economics from one of the government accredited university. In addition to his study, he has workedfor big trading houses and construction companies in Ethiopia over 10 yearsand got the required experience about the products and the international business. In addition Bridge Trading and Service has acquired seriously selected hard working stuff having high level of proficiency, competence, courage and sense of ownership.Since our inception, we are working to satisfy our valuable customers and partners in the globe.

Bridge Trading and Service is one of the leading international trade auxiliary company having potential and reputed partners and suppliers of steel, bitumen/asphalt, steel and plastic pipes, chemical, timber and aluminum in different part of the world.

We are one of the professional international commercial representative or commission agent having suppliers’ partners in Turkey, Ukraine, Dubai, Oman, USA, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Denmark, Austria, Germany, China, India, Korea, etc. From where else you need to have partnership?

We are very familiar with rules and regulation of all stake holders in the process of import/export. We closely work with Ethiopian Shipping and Logistics Service Enterprise, National Bank of Ethiopia, Ethiopian Standard Authority, Ethiopian Revenue and Customs Authority, Ethiopian Investment Commission, Trade Minister, Industry Minister, etc.

Bridge Trading and Service has partnership with Abba Hawa Trading PLC, Mogle water manufacturing factory to distribute “one water” brand purified and packed water. We are proudly distributing One Water which is sourced fromsebeta area. Studies showed Sebeta area underground water is the best potable water. The water is sourced bottled fromMogle Mountain using state of the art machinery, technologies and professional work force. Bridge Trading and Service is proudly supplying the best one to our valuable customers backed by excellent service. For your water requirement please contact our adama/nazaret main office. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.